LOS ANGELES — (06-13-22) (PR-JRL CHARTS) — Fun Factory on Monday announced the launch of a new interactive training platform for all staff and retail partners.

Fun Academy, created through the LearnUpon Platform, was in development for two years before its launch. It was first devised by the pleasure brand to get up-to-date information into the hands of retailers amidst COVID lockdowns. With virtual trainings, retail staff would be effectively equipped to represent Fun Factory to consumers.

Fun Academy, which currently consists of seven modules, is now widely available for any team or individual who is involved in selling Fun Factory products. It provides them with pre-recorded material and downloadable PDFs detailing the brand story, information on the company’s German manufacturing process, and product-specific USPs.

Kristen Tribby, global marketing manager at Fun Factory, said:

“It’s hard to believe Fun Factory has been on the market for 25 years now. I love looking back and seeing how we have evolved and how far the market has come. And while the last two years have been great for the sex toy industry in terms of sales, there have still been a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to training staff and retailers. It’s been hard to ensure they were equipped with all the best and most up-to-date information on our products, which they’d need to confidently and effectively represent Fun Factory to consumers. As a brand, we are so proud of all of our toys and want our retailers to not only feel the same, but also to be able to project this to their customers. Fun Academy is a great way to support our partners in service of these goals.”

Michael Cox, sales director, said, “Our new Fun Academy via the LearnUpon platform not only saves us time, but also saves everyone’s money and resources. It allows us to train multiple accounts at the same time without needing to worry about scheduling, travel plans, and budgeting. It’s a win-win all around!”

To incentivize users to try the platform, Fun Factory offers everyone who participates in the course some freebies, just like the brand would in an in-person training session.

Cox added, “We would like to thank all our B2B partners for their enthusiastic participation. Your support has been integral to our success and we’re looking forward to the next 25 years of Fun together!”

The platform works on just about any device, including desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones, making it accessible for anyone.

In total, the training lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Users are free to pause and resume the material at their discretion, and complete the course at a time that best fits their schedule.

For more information or sign your team up, email contact@funfactory.com.

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