LAS VEGAS — (06-10-22) — Orbital (2022) is the upcoming sci-fi drama that stars Mostafa Amiri, Milad Khaza’ee and Mahsa Akbarpoor in a sci-fi film written and directed by Maysam Hasanzadeh.

“Peter Randof uses his wealth to construct a massive ring around Earth. Destined to finish the project, the fully-constructed megastructure leads to unforeseen consequences.”

Orbital Sci Fi Film-Screen Clips-2022-jrl-charts movie trailers

Orbital Sci Fi Film-Screen Clips-2022-jrl-charts movie trailers

Orbital (2022) has yet to receive an official release date, but the minute that we have confirmation of its launch, JRL CHARTS Movie Trailers will bring it to you!

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Directed by:
Maysam Hasanzadeh

Cinematography by:
Frank Schwaiger

Written by:
Maysam Hasanzadeh

Videography by:
Gunjan Menon
Davood Rahmani

Music by:
Payam Azadi

Film Editing by:
Ehsan Sheibani

Produced by:
Alireza Alavian

Assistant Producers:
Khaled Abdallah
Ahmad Al Rachi

Production Companies:
Sana Sound Studio

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Country of Origin:

English | Hindi | Persian

Run time:
1hr 27mins

Release date:

Copyright © 2022 Hashem Al-Ghaili

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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