TAMPA BAY, FL — (06-06-22) — Tampa Bay Rays celebrated LGBTQ Pride Month by wearing the Official Rainbow Logo on their uniforms as part of the team’s annual “Pride Night” Game. While the majority of players celebrated PRIDE, right wing conservatives have decided to spotlight 5 players who refused to wear the logo due to their religious beliefs. Amazing how 5 players out of 25 are their lead headline of the day. Not the majority of players, but the 5 that refused to celebrate the annual celebration. Unreal isn’t it?

It is so sad that those people with their sexual insecurities feel the need to embarrass themselves every time by showing their ignorance over biology.

The Rays were one of three teams, including the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers, to add LGBTQ+ Pride symbolism to their uniforms, and yet the only team to have 5 players object, is the one from Tampa Bay.

Rays President Matt Silverman addressed the team’s logo in a Sunday interview with the New York Times, saying, “I’m proud of the fact we did this and so many of our players chose to wear the logo.”

Poor conservatives.. when will they seak help with their insecurities?

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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