BURBANK, CA — (05-24-22) — Tom Cruise terrified James Corden when he took him up in two different fighter jets from two different era. The spoof is so hilarious that within minutes of its release, the video had surpassed 4 million views!

Tom Cruise Terrifies James Corden-Top Gun Fighter Jet-2022-jrl-charts-002

Tom Cruise Terrifies James Corden-Top Gun Fighter Jet-2022-jrl-charts-tv show news

“Top Gun: Maverick” star Tom Cruise picks up James for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the desert where Tom pilots James in a vintage fighter plane for the afternoon.

And just when James thinks he’s survived, Tom informs him the two will be going up again — this time in a jet fit for modern aerial warfare. There isn’t much doubt Maverick will survive the experience, but will James?”

An outstanding publicity promo for “Top Gun: Maverick” which is set to hit theaters May 27, 2022.


Watch Tom Cruise Terrifies James in ‘Top Gun’ Fighter Jet!

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Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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