LAS VEGAS — (05-06-22) — Netflix brings you first look at Melissa McCarthy and real-life husband Ben Falcone in the upcoming comedy series, God’s Favorite Idiot (2022). The official trailer for ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ dropped on May 6, 2022 and already the “Bruce Almighty”-esque sitcom that is set to premier on June 15, has captured over 91,764 views as of this report!

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Netflix Originals-God’s Favorite Idiot-Comedy-screen clips-Melissa McCarthy

“In God’s Favorite Idiot, Mid level Tech support employee Clark Thompson finds love with co-worker Amily Luck at exactly the same time he becomes the unwitting messenger of God. Also, there’s roller skating, a lake of fire and an impending apocalypse.”

The upcoming eight-episode comedy series was created by Ben Falcone and directed by Michael McDonald. The mini series also stars Denise Roberts, Leslie Bibb and Amanda O’Dempsey.

Watch God’s Favorite Idiot Official Trailer

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Michael McDonald

Written by:
Ben Falcone
Melissa McCarthy

Series Music by:
Fil Eisler

Series Cinematography by:
Judd Overton

Series Casting by:
Kirsty McGregor

Series Produced by:
Divya D’Souza
Marc S. Fischer

Executive Producers:
Ben Falcone
Melissa McCarthy
Michael McDonald

Series Special Effects by:
Brenden Barry Brown
Steve Courtney

Production Companies:
On The Day Productions
On the Day

Netflix (2022) (World-wide) (video) (VOD)

Country of Origin:
United States


Release date:
June 15, 2022

Copyright © 2022 Netflix Originals

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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