BRANDON, FL — (04-23-22) — Corbin Fisher Entertainment’s ‘Chris Fucks Riley’ (2022) on digital scores a 4 star rating within 72 hours of its debut. The amateur bareback production is picking up heat as gay porn bloggers nationwide are beginning to heavily promote Corbin Fisher’s amateur production of Chris Fucks Riley (2022).

Corbin Fisher-Chris Fucks Riley-screenclips-2022-23-04-jrl-charts

Corbin Fisher-Chris Fucks Riley-screenclips-2022-23-04-jrl-charts

“Big-dicked Riley’s been all top until fairly recently deciding to try out getting in touch with his bottoming side. Well, Chris is here and eager to get in touch with Riley’s bottoming side, as well, so we let these two go at it and do precisely that! Chris is an eager go-getter in this one, rapid-fire pumping Riley’s hole once they’ve gotten to the fucking. No doubt Riley’s whimpers and moans are helping spur Chris on throughout the action here – it’s hard not to get turned on and want to fuck Riley harder, faster, and deeper when hearing those noises your cock brings out of him!

Before burying his dick in Riley’s hole, though, Chris gets to bury his tongue in it. Rimming a tight ass is clearly one of Chris’ favorite things, and I love how eager he is to do that every chance he gets. Not every guy wants to give rimming a try, much less gets so much pleasure out of doing it (though they all certainly seem to get tons of pleasure out of getting it done to them!). On top of rimming and pounding Riley’s hole, Chris paints it in cum at the end of the episode after fucking Riley’s load out of him!”

Watch Chris Fucks Riley NSFW Trailer (2022)

Corbin Fisher-Chris Fucks Riley-official-gay-porn-trailer-2022-23-04-jrl-charts

Directed by:
Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher Entertainment:
Official Website | VOD

Follow Corbin Fisher:
Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo

Production Companies:
Corbin Fisher Entertainment

Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)

United States


Run Time:
21 Minutes 13 Seconds

Digital Release Date:
March 10, 2022

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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