WASSERBILLIG/LUXEMBOURG — (04-08-22) (PR-JRL CHARTS) — One year ago, pjur launched its campaign “Normalize Lube” with the aim of normalizing the use of personal lubricants. In spring 2022, pjur is taking steps to shine a light on female masturbation. The #FemaleMasturbation campaign includes insights from the pjur&yourself survey that pjur conducted in 2021. The online campaign goes live early April, predominantly on social media.

With its latest campaign topic #femalemasturbation, pjur is addressing another taboo which mostly affects women. Very little is said (in public) about female masturbation, so pjur decided to check in with women who masturbate. The survey pjur&yourself sums up the results and wants to encourage more open discussion about masturbation.

pjur offered six facts about masturbation that “deserve more attention.”

(1) Women like to do it using their hands, toys and a lot of personal lubricant. When women are asked how they masturbate, those are the three most common answers: with their hands, toys and personal lubricant. Several said that personal lubricant helped them to orgasm.

(2) Getting to know their own body and their own desire is just one of the reasons women masturbate. Orgasms are also the number one reason women masturbate.

(3) Being in a relationship is not a reason for not pleasuring yourself. It became clear that whether or not someone masturbated was not related to their relationship status. Masturbation is primarily a part of our relationship with ourselves, and part of our own, lived sexuality. It is not replaced by sexual activities with other people.

(4) Women most frequently masturbate in the bedroom, under the shower or in the lounge. Women don’t want to restrict themselves to one location, so there’s no clear winner. A change every now and then is a good thing.

(5) 63% of women masturbate 2-4 times every week. This demonstrates that women who masturbate do so regularly, and it is definitely not a “minority activity” (any more). Yet another reason why it shouldn’t be taboo to talk about it.

(6) 68% of women prefer pjur WOMAN Aloe for masturbation. In a practical test, the consistency of the water-based personal lubricant and its compatibility with sex toys were mentioned, and it was cho- sen as the preferred formula by more than two thirds of testers.

Retailers and distributors can get more information about the campaign can be found here.

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