MIAMI, FL — (03-20-22) — Kristen Bjorn and director Carlos Caballero drop the mike with Gustavo Cruz fucking Jay Anders in PAINTBRUSH (2022) on digital.  Bjorn continues his string of hits for 2022 with PAINTBRUSH (2022), and judging by the gay xxx teaser trailer below, memberships are sure to increase at an impressive rate with Gustavo Cruz fucking sexy Jay Anders raw on the Kristen Bjorn Network.

Kristen Bjorn-PAINTBRUSH-gay-porn-screen clips-2022-JRL-CHARTS

Kristen Bjorn-PAINTBRUSH-gay-porn-screen clips-2022-JRL-CHARTS

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“Jay Anders enters an upscale art gallery where an exhibit of modern art is showing and is honored with the pleasure of meeting the artist, Gustavo Cruz. Gustavo introduces himself and offers to show Jay his private collection.

As the couple walk down the street Jay pushes Gustavo against the building and then presses his lips firmly onto Gustavo’s as the two begin a deep, passionate kiss. Once inside Jay reaches between Gustavo’s legs and grabs hold of his swelling cock and asks if this is the paintbrush.

Gustavo pulls out his fat bulging cock and slaps it against the canvas as Jay wraps his hand around the massive cock and inhales deeply. As the clothes seductively drop to the wayside the kissing only intensifies and the passion is reaching a boiling point. Jay pushes Gustavo onto the table and leans in as he inhales the mammoth cock in front of him. Not to waste any of his cock sucking skills, Jay forces the monster cock across his tongue and down his throat.

Chocking and gagging does not deter Jay as he continues to suck every last centimeter down his stretched throat. The guys swap and Gustavo is eager to wrap his lips around Jay’s magnificent chestnut colored cock. Gustavo works his way up and down the entire cock shaft, feeling Jay’s hefty balls pressing against his chin.

Jay is then bent over the worktable and Gustavo presses his thick cock against and then slowly inside of Jay’s hungry ass. Jay takes in a huge breath and lets out a long sigh as Gustavo’s monster paintbrush splits his ass wide open. Gustavo senses that Jay has relaxed and begins slamming his hard cock balls deep into that beautiful ass.”

Watch PAINTBRUSH Official NSFW Trailer (2022)

PAINTBRUSH nsfw trailer-Kristen Bjorn-2022

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Directed by:
Carlos Caballero

Produced by:
Kristen Bjorn

Production Companies:
Kristen Bjorn Productions

Kristen Bjorn:
Official Website | VOD

Follow Kristen Bjorn:
Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Tumblr
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Distributed by:
Pulse Distribution  (DVD) (USA) (Canada)

Distributed by:
Vimpex Gay Media (DVD) (Europe)



Digital Release date:
January 22, 2022

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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