BURBANK, CA — (03-01-22) — Men.com unveil Felix Fox, Paul Wagner, Ty Mitchell, Adrian Hart, Nick LA and Kyle Connors in Pulse Distribution’s Precinct 69 DVD (2022), the upcoming big budget gay xxx feature film that is destined to deliver huge numbers for parent company MindGeek and the multi award-winning Men.com Gay porn label in retail, digital and On Demand.

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“When Kyle Connors’s sweatpants get ripped off in a freak subway door accident, undercover officer Theo Brady of Precint 69 immediately calls in Agent Felix Fox for backup. Felix puts Kyle under arrest and takes him to the interview room, telling the redhead to confess his public indecency was planned. As Theo watches from behind the one-way mirror, Kyle gets naked and waits for Felix on the desk on all fours.

Captain Adrian Hart of Precinct 69 is working on some paperwork when he starts feeling horny. He checks that the coast is clear before he takes his dick out, but Officer Nick LA walks into his office and catches him. Nick wants to help his captain polish his nightstick, so he gets to his knees and sucks that cock. As Nick deepthroats Adrian, the top accidentally pulls down his curtains.

Officer Paul Wagner is supervising a visit between a prisoner and his husband, Ty Mitchell, but Ty has shown up to tell his soon-to-be ex that he wants a divorce. The criminal watches sadly from behind the glass as Ty begins kissing the sexy cop, then Paul takes out his huge cock, bends Ty over the desk, and fucks him doggystyle. The guys take turns sucking each other’s dicks, and Paul picks Ty up before putting him…”

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That’s just a taste of what Men.com fans are in store for when they purchase their copy of the Precinct 69 DVD (2022).

Pulse Distribution will begin shipping Precinct 69 (2022) in the USA on March 15, 2022.

Watch Precinct 69 DVD Teaser Trailer

Precinct-69 DVD-gay-erotica-official-trailer-Mendotcom-Pulse

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Production companies:
Men Entertainment

Men Entertainment:
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DVD Distributor:
Pulse Distribution  (DVD) (USA) (Canada)

UPC Code:
8-56559 03279-1



Ship date:
March 15, 2022

Street Date:
March 24, 2022

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Retailers can get immediate ordering information by contacting Pulse Distribution’s Vice President of Sales, Andrew Quaintance at 1+818-435-1604 | Fax 1+818-435-1602 | EMAIL | B2B Site | Skype: Andrew_Pulse.

Article By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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