UNITED KINGDOM — (02-14-22) — Rocks-Off announce the release of the Knickerbocker Glory panty vibe and the Ruby Glow Blush seated vibrator.  That’s right retailers, now you can get your racks stocked with these two pleasure products for both your in-store customer base and your online e-commerce platform customers!

Rocks-Off wants adult consumers worldwide to know that there are two exciting new products to look out for from the UK manufacturer that are both designed with absolute pleasure in mind.

“Glory is a really lovely feminine remote control panty vibe and C stim vibrator,” said Sales Director Sham Galoria. “It’s an elegant product that is just perfect for some hidden delight or to tease you and your partners intimate pleasure zones, as it’s shaped to nestle intimately to your body with, its curves; lines and stimulation points and the remote control only adds to the sensual thrills! We have also been working closely with Tabitha Rayne to develop the next version of the seated vibrator Ruby Glow. And we have achieved, what we believe, is a first to market ride on vibrator and wand combination the Ruby Glow Blush.” said Galoria.

“Not only can Ruby Blush be used as an external vulva and perineum ride on massager but when it is removed from its cradle and docking station it transforms effortlessly into a G-spot penetrating wand in one easy motion,” adds Galoria. “As expected, since we launched the first Ruby Glow with Tabitha, some years ago, there have been some other sit on vibrators released into the adult market, so it made perfect sense that when we were looking at a new rechargeable version of the Ruby Glow, we made sure that it was able to offer a whole lot more to the end user.” said Galoria.

Retailers, both products are remote controlled, ten functions with Ruby Glow Blush having dual independent motors. Make sure your sales associates know these priceless perks when presenting them to your customers.

Retailers can get ordering information by contacting Rocks-Off’s Sham Galoria at +44 (0) 1536 527292 | Fax: +44 (0) 1536 527294.

Rocks-Off USA Offices – 1+866-308-9897 | Fax: 1+818-509=9232  |  Facebook  |   Linkedin  | Pinterest  | Twitter  |  YouTube.

You can also contact a Rocks-Off authorized distributor for more information;  East Coast News (ecnwholesale)  |  Eldorado  |  Honey’s Place  |  Nalpac  |  National/Universal |  Williams Trading Co.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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