SANTIAGO, CHILE — (02-01-22) — Sexy Gay music artist Jonah Xiao captures major attention with his new ‘En Tu Celly’ Music Video.  Not only did it catch the attention of the JRL CHARTS Gay Music Division, it also made a huge impression on the Gay Music Chart for January 2022.

Known for his hit single with Dani Ride entitled ‘California Santiago‘, Xiao breaks out on his own and is front and center with his eye popping music video that will not only have you dancing but also have your eyes glued to every second of the 2 Minutes and 53 Second ‘En Tu Celly Music Video.

Plus let’s not forget that Jonah Xiao is known for being one of the 10 artists that Premios MUSA recommended in 2021.

Jonah Xiao-En Tu Celly-Music Video-2021-JRL-CHARTS Gay Music News

Jonah Xiao-En Tu Celly-Music Video-2021-JRL-CHARTS Gay Music News

Xiao told 101.8 FM LOS 40 that the song mutated until it reached the current masterpiece that it is today…

“I started putting together the beat in Barcelona in 2019,” said Xiao. “I was writing songs about my ex. I write a lot about my relationships. It is about what many of us already have super normalized, what are virtual relationships? I’m not a big fan, but I’ve also had to integrate it. The song was changing. Initially it was just going to be reggaeton. Then it occurred to me to make a change in between and throw it into a light trap” explained Xiao.” to LOS 40.

We are sure to see this debut huge on the LGBTQ Music Chart UK in no time.

Cactus Music Distribution/WMG released Jonah Xiao’ En Tu Celly Music Video on Dec.1, 2021.

Jonah Xiao’ En Tu Celly Music Video

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Directed by:
Matias Herna

Assistant Directors:
Coco Paez
Matias Pezo
Leo Mediel

Director of Photography:
Pedro Garcia Pérez
Miranda Aljaro García
Josefina Menjibar Sepulveda
Diego Ovalle Andrade

Produced by:
Matias Herna
Coco Paez
Matia Pezo
Leo Mediel

Song Produced and Mixed by:
Enzo Massardo

Mastered by:

Record Label:
Cactus Music Distribution/WMG

Country of Origin:

English | Spanish

Run time:
2 Mins 53 Secs

Release date:
December 1, 2021

Copyright © 2021 Cactus Music Distribution/WMG

Article by: Michael The Sizzler, Staff Writer

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