LAS VEGAS — (01-30-22) — TubiTV brings you first look at Tony Tood, Bruce Dern, Billy Zane and Adrienne Barbeau in HELLBLAZERS (2022), the upcoming American action horror film directed by Justin Lee.

Tubi Originals HELLBLAZERS Horror Movie-screenclips-2022-JRL-CHARTS

Tubi Originals HELLBLAZERS Horror Movie-screenclips-2022-JRL-CHARTS

“Set in the late 1980s, a satanic cult has a singular focus of unleashing hell on Earth. With the help of an ancient incantation, they conjure a demon, and its members are tasked with feeding it the populous of a nearby small southwestern town.” — timvantassel

This Tubi Originals film is a ‘Must Watch’ for horror film lovers!

HELLBLAZERS made its debut on TubiTV January 21, 2022.

Watch HELLBLAZERS Official Movie Trailer (2022)

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Directed by:
Justin Lee

Cinematography by:
Logan Fulton

Written by:
Justin Lee

Film Editing by:
Crash Buist
Eamon Long

Music by:
Christopher Cano

Production Design by:
Ashley Cradeur

Art Direction by:
Sanford Worth

Costume Design by:
Samantha Kuester

Produced by:
Daemon Hillin
Justin Lee
Melanie Young
Devin Reeve
Rich Carlo

Executive Producers:
Vasily Bernhardt
Jeff Bowler
Jordan Dykstra
Avi Haas
Sandra Powers
Zachary Powers
Frank C. Salzano
Taras Shydlyk
Ellen S. Wander

Production Companies:
Hillin Entertainment
Benetone Films
Legion XIII
TB Films

Distributed by:

Country of Origin:
United States


Run time:
1 hr 24 mins

Release date:
January 21, 2022

Copyright © 2022 Aaron Valenzuela Music

Article by: Michael The Sizzler, Staff Writer

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