VEENDAM, The Netherlands — (01-13-22) — EDC Wholesale sent word over to our Pleasure Products News Division, that they are now shipping the CRUIZR, the luxurious masturbator that men will be unable to resist!

EDC Wholesale introduces retailers to the CRUIZR masturbators that are designed to give male consumers a picture-perfect experience. CRUIZR is a men-only brand with a sophisticated character and names in line – with the maritime theme.

According to EDC Wholesales marketing & publicity division, the look and feel of the brand gives users the feeling of a summer Sunday afternoon on a boat while cruising the waves. That is exactly what CRUIZR is all about, that pleasurable feeling running through your vanes!

CRUIZR is trendy, charismatic, outgoing, it’s an experience and an emotion. This is the perfect brand for men who are looking for something different and who want to stand out. CRUIZR targets a young and trendy audience, at the beginning of their career. Enjoying life and spending money on stuff that is affordable, yet sophisticated.

Watch CRUIZR Brand Commercial – EDC TV

EDC Wholesale’s Official Statement on the CRUIZR:

“The CRUIZR collection offers 6 masturbators -including 3 premium versions-, 2 electrical and rechargeable penis pumps and a mount to attach to a flat, smooth surface so CRUIZR can be enjoyed hands-free. The masturbators are discrete penis stimulators with different sucking, thrusting, or vibrating settings. Each feature can be used separately.

Twist the cap off the top and discover the soft, flexible sleeve with a vaginal opening. The masturbators have a studded interior and feel life-like. The sleeve is removable so it’s easy to clean. Each masturbator is easy to operate and features a high-end design. They quickly recharge with the included USB cable.”

Retailers can get ordering information on the Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar 2021 by visiting or by calling EDC Wholesale at +31 598 690 453 | EMAIL | B2B Site  | Facebook  | Linkedin  | Twitter |  YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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