MONTREAL, QUEBEC — (01-07-22) — Icon Male in association with Mile High Media are gearing up to invade retail with its long awaited sequel, ‘A Cheater’s Dilemma 2 (2022), starring Michael Delray, Shawn Andrews, Adam Russo, Killian James, Jett Rink, Roman Todd, Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler.

A Cheater's Dilemma 2 DVD-Screenclips-Icon Male-Mile High Media-2022

A Cheater’s Dilemma 2 DVD-Screen clips-Icon Male-Mile High Media-2022

One of the hottest scenes in director Nica Noelle’s – A Cheater’s Dilemma 2 is the one starring multi award-winner Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler!

“Armond Rizzo wasn’t expecting anyone to show up at his place tonight. Yet, someone is knocking on his door. He opens to see a man he has never seen before. After introducing himself as Billy’s boyfriend, a very alarmed Armond invites Jaxton Wheeler inside for a chat.

Jaxton begins by telling him that Billy is unstable and warns him that he shouldn’t mess with his head, but Armond refuses to believe anything this stranger is telling him. This only infuriates Jaxton even more. He is not happy with how Armond is treating his guest, and decides to return the discourtesy. He pushes the petite impolite boy against the wall, and requests to know where he and his boyfriend had sex. <br><br>Once in the bedroom, Jaxton throws Armond on the bed and lays his hulking frame on top of him. This is a perfect time to show this boy how to respect his elders. He kisses Armond on the neck and down his hairless body” –  Nica Noelle

A Cheater's Dilemma 2 DVD-back-cover-Icon Male-MHM

That is just a taste of what you can expect in A Cheater’s Dilemma 2 on DVD.

Mile High Media will begin shipping to brick and mortar stores this ‘MUST STOCK’ on January 19, 2022.

Watch NSFW Teaser – Cheater’s Dilemma 2 DVD

A Cheaters Dilemma 2 DVD-Teaser gay porn trailer-Icon Male

A Cheaters Dilemma 2 DVD-Teaser gay porn trailer-Icon Male

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Nica Noelle

Produced by:
Jon Blitt

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Icon Male Studios

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Ship Date:
January 19, 2022

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January 27, 2022

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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