SINGAPORE — (12-20-21) — Lovense announced on Monday the release of its new RealSize line of condoms. “Available in six different sizes, RealSize condoms can be purchased online on a single order or subscription basis, so that the required quantity is delivered monthly directly to your door,” said Lovense CEO Dan Liu.

The online measuring tool available at can help customers instantly determine the right RealSize condom from the size options of 1.92, 2.01, 2.05, 2.13, 2.20 or 2.36.

“We are incredibly excited to expand the boundaries of our business and enter a new market,” added Liu. “I am sure that RealSize condoms will appeal to consumers in the U.S. due to their safety and size range, and the subscription system will provide the most comfortable buying experience.” said Liu.

When using the subscription program, buyers can customize delivery methods, intervals and quantity as well as enjoy a special price and a cumulative loyalty program.

In its early launch phase, RealSize condoms will be available to U.S. residents only. Residents of the E.U. will be able to make purchases starting mid-2022.

Lovense also announced it is developing “a unique 3D measuring tool that will allow a customer to order a condom tailored specifically for their penis.”

This tool, added Liu, will “create a virtual 3D model of a penis and design a RealSize condom based on that. The customer will be able to subscribe and get tailor-made RealSize condoms in any volume as often as they like.”

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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