LAS VEGAS — (12-15-21) — LatinBoyz leaked to the JRL CHARTS Gay Erotica Division its upcoming Latin Twink Gay Porn release of ‘LatinBoyz Models CESAR and OTRO (2021), coming soon on digital.  Subtitled ‘Big Cock Fucking Bareback CESAR and OTRO (2021), executive producer VeoVerga and director of Photography LBZ1 have got a sure fire hit for the multi award-winning Latin twink gay porn network!

LatinBoyz CESAR and OTRO Go Deep and Raw on Digital-2021-11-15-JRL-CHARTS

LatinBoyz CESAR and OTRO Go Deep and Raw on Digital-2021-JRL-CHARTS

“It’s no secret that Otro loves big cock fucking bareback sex, said Executive Producer VeoVerga. “In addition to that he has a fetish for big dicks that curve upwards because they always hit his g-spot. Therefore when we suggested that he hook up with Cesar he wanted to do it that day. We actually had to wait a week and Otro jacked off every day in anticipation of getting pounded by that big curved Latino cock. Needless to say when the big day came he was not disappointed. Cesar wasn’t either and loved his expert cock sucking abilities as well as his tight Latino twink bubble butt.” said VeoVerga.

Will CESAR AND OTRO surpass the success of LatinBoyz Ariel and Lucky (2021) match up to SABINO and FRIEND (2021), LatinBoyz NIELO x RIKO (2021) and, Latin Twinks Cesar and Nicholas (2021) on digital? You will be the judge.

Review LatinBoyz CESAR AND OTRO (NSFW)

LatinBoyz CESAR and OTRO-gay-porn-photoshoot-2021-JRL-CHARTS

LatinBoyz CESAR and OTRO-gay-porn-photoshoot-2021-JRL-CHARTS

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Photoshoot Release Date:
December 14, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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