CLEVELAND, OH — (12-08-21) — Northeast Ohio pleasure product brick and mortar retail chain Ambiance has been acquired by Michigan-based adult retail store chain, Lover’s Lane.

Known for years to be a strong supporter of the LGBT Community, Ambiance has supported dozens of LGBTQ events, including Pride in the CLE, Cleveland Pride, Pride in the Valley Festival, Youngstown Pride, and Colors of Cleveland Pride.

They have donated our time and resources to the LGBT Center, CLAW, HRC, Equality Ohio, and other organizations striving to connect communities, break down stereotypes, and achieve equality for all regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Ambiance is also the sponsor of Drag Bingo, hosted by Veranda L’Ni, Cleveland’s Tallest Drag Entertainer and creator of the Drag Pride Flag!

Ambiance founders Jennifer Downey and Henry Keiluhn sold the adult store chain to Midwest retail giant Lover’s Lane which currently operates 32 brick and mortar locations.

“We are excited because there are consistencies in our business models,” said Downey of the sale. “Lover’s Lane sells similar items such as gift lotions and massage oils for couples, doesn’t sell X-rated videos, and their stores are located in suburban shopping centers like all of our stores. Their sales staff also works to provide the romantic resources for people to find the products they want and need to enhance their romance and love lives.” said Downey.

The Downey’s “dream of turning Ambiance into the Blockbuster of adult stores — ones targeted to soccer moms and everyday couples in the suburbs — came true.” said Downey.

Ambiance is known for their slogan the “Store for Lovers” and operated seven brick and mortar stores in Ohio.

‘“Ultimately, we were innovative in the friendly, supportive way we presented our products for mature adults,” said Downey in the sale announcement. “For 40 years and multiple generations of customers, we helped couples connect, love, and support each other. We know that when they do that, it teaches their children what a loving relationship looks like and we expect Lover’s Lane to carry on with our philosophy.”

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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