HONOLULU — (11-23-21) — Two LGBT businesses have filed suit against the Honolulu Liquor Commission and Hawaii state inspectors, accusing them of discrimination against gay businesses over COVID Rules.

Owners of Scarlet Honolulu and the LGBT publication Gay Island Guide, claim that several inspectors have been targeting their businesses with excessive COVID-related visits and unjustified shutdowns, despite both entities being entirely vaccinated venues.

The lawsuit also alleges that the state government agencies have failed to investigate the blatant harassment which their attorney says, “harms the entire LGBT community”.

“Scarlet is an important place to a lot of people they want the ability to come together and this location is being targeted they are being harassed and they are being shut down,” said James DiPasquale, attorney for the Scarlet Honolulu and Gay Island Guide.

“It’s not just economic…  added DiPasquale. “You are basically forcing people into hiding. It’s absolutely unacceptable behavior and it needs to stop.”

The lawsuit demands the inspectors be barred from enforcement on LGBT establishments and that new training and policies about dealing with gay-oriented businesses be instituted.

JRL CHARTS LGBT Politics News reached out to the Honolulu Liquor Commission for comment but have not received a response as of this report. We will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as they become available.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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