CZECH REPUBLIC — (11-23-21) — Str8Hell Network unveils the latest chapter in its runaway hit series, Airport Security (2021), starring Adrian Serdar and Dino Dezider in one jaw dropping bareback production that is sure to deliver impressive numbers for the William Higgins’ sister Network,

Following the success of Simon & Erik RAW AIRPOT SECURITY (2021) , Str8Hell brings back Adrian Serdar to dominate Dino Dezider in one intense drama!

Adrian Serdar-Dino Dezider-Airport Security-screenclips-Str8Hell-2021

Adrian Serdar-Dino Dezider-Airport Security-screenclips-Str8Hell-2021

“Adrian Serdar is in charge of airport security today. He has arrested Dino Dezider, on suspicion of stealing a cell phone. Dino denies the offence, saying that his pockets are empty. Adrian frisks him all over and tells Dino to take off his tee shirt.

Then then says to take off the jeans too, wiith Dino obeying. It doesn’t stop there though as he is made to remove his underwear as well. Dino sits and asks if he can go home, since no phone has been found. Adrian, however says he will have to call the police.

Dino begs not to have the police involved, he simply wants to leave. Adrian says he has a solution and pulls out his cock. He tells Dino to suck it and grabs his head to slide that dick into his mouth. Adrian pulls the head onto his cock as he makes Dino suck him.

That dick is rock hard as Dino gags on it. Adrian makes sure his dick fills that mouth as he pulls the head onto it. He fucks his cock into Dino’s mouth and slaps the dick on his face too. Adrian strips off and sits on the edge of his desk as Dino sucks him more. It seems that Dino is getting into it as he sucks the cock and licks at the balls too. Then Adrian bends him over the desk and starts to rim his hot little ass hole. He laps, eagerly, at Dino’s hole.”

Watch Adrian and Dino – Airport Security (2021)

Adrian Serdar-Dino Dezider-Airport Security Official Trailer

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September 24, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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