MONTREAL — (11-10-21) — The Transfixed Network in association with ADULTTIME unveil its new featurette “Bridal Reservations (2021)’ on digital starring Korra Del Rio as a bride who falls for her wedding photographer played by Lola Fae, on the day of the ceremony.

“I had such an amazing experience shooting ‘Bridal Reservations’! Lola is such an amazing performer and made it so easy to become completely immersed into the scene,” said Del Rio. “Adult Time always has my favorite production crews, and these last few shoots, especially with Lola, have been my favorites to date!” said Del Rio.

Agreed Lola Fae who added…“Korra was a lovely and fantastic runaway bride. She put her all into her performance with me, and I hope she feels I did the same. I identify as non-binary and a lot of times on set people only see a part of me. The crew respect and acknowledge my identity and go out of their way to address me in neutral they/them terms.” said Fae.

“Working for Adult Time is always such a pleasure; I feel respected and fully ‘seen’ each time I go on set,” continued Fae. “The crews are incredible. Thus, when I desire to try new experiences I reach out to them. Bree Mills, Adult Time chief creative officer, dressed me in a wonderful suit and fedora combo—she gave me the whole outfit and I felt so ‘shnazzy’ in it! Thank you Bree! I felt very confident in a masculine-presenting role.” said Fae.

“Transfixed is one of my favorite projects to shoot for Adult Time,” added Bree Mills. “I love being able to tell beautiful, relatable and sensual stories of cis and trans women together!” said Mills.

Adult consumers can watch Korra Del Rio and Lola Fae in ‘Bridal Reservations (2021)’ exclusively on the Transfixed Network.

Watch Bridal Reservations (2021) – Transfixed

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Directed by:
Bree Mills

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Run Time:
49 Mins 42 Secs

Digital Release date:
November 10, 2021

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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