LAS VEGAS, NV — (11-09-21) — BoyFun Studios drops the mic big time on their fresh newcomer, Cro Pack, displaying his solo skills in ‘Cro Pack Audition’ (2021) on digital.  Just when I thought BoyFun Studios couldn’t out do themselves with Daniel Strar x Max Gen in Full of Stuffing (2021) and Alan Stark x Alex Blake in Sleeping Boyfriends (2021), they break out with this gorgeous young stud that is sure to turn heads among 18-25 genre lovers worldwide.

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Some boys arrive to appear in front of the cameras for the first time super nervous and unsure of themselves, while other boys walk in with sexy attitude and the kind of confidence you’d expect to see in a performer who’s been doing this for a while. Cro Pack is definitely among the latter. You’ll be surprised by his easygoing attitude when you kick back to watch his debut video for BoyFun.

From the moment this handsome and lean young man arrives and starts playing with his bulging cock in his jeans you can see he’s down to play. He really likes knowing he has an audience and he can’t wait to get his cock out and show it off.

It’s easy to see why this young man has such an attitude, he’s got a super sporty and lean body to share with us and after being a tease with his dick bulge in his snug briefs he’s ready to reveal his long uncut cock and bouncing balls.

With a little porn to watch on his phone his cock is swelling up hard and he’s giving it some good squeezes and strokes, flashing his smooth ass and tempting us to come closer.” – BoyFun

Cro Pack Audition made its debut on October 31 exclusively on the BoyFun Network.

Watch Cro Pack Audition NSFW Trailer – BoyFun

BoyFun Studios- Cro Pack Audition-gay-porn-trailer-2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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