BEIJING, CN — (11-07-21) — China’s most influential gay rights group, LGBT advocacy Group China, announced it has ceased all activities and have moved to shut down it’s social media accounts in an announcement last Thursday.

LGBT Advocacy Group China spearheaded many of the legal cases in China. Pushing for gay rights and halting workplace discrimination.

“We are deeply regretful to tell everyone, Queer Advocacy Online will stop all of our work indefinitely,” the group said on WeChat, using the name of its social media account. It closed its accounts on WeChat and Weibo, two widely used platforms in China.

JRL CHARTS LGBT Politics Division attempted to contact the group’s founder Peng Yanzi for comment but have not received a response as of this report.

LGBT Rights Advocacy China was well known for its hard work across the country, pushing for gay rights and raising awareness about the LGBT community. It advocated for same-sex marriage and fought workplace discrimination by helping individuals sue their former employers.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs announced on Friday that they have “Dealt with 3,300 illegal social organizations. The department has shut down 200 illegal websites and individual social media accounts that were not registered with any government entity.

It must be said that it is unclear if LGBT Rights Advocacy China was shut down as part of the Beijing’s campaign of its anti-LGBT policies but one can only read the writing on the wall to come to your own conclusion.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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