WEST HOLLYWOOD — (10-27-21) — Power house Perfect Fit Brand celebrates Halloween Season with its Top 5 Retail Picks that include the FAT BOY, XPLAY Wrap Ring, The ZORO, The Bumper and The PLAY ZONE.

“We know everyone is affected by the global supply chain issues,” Steve Callow, Founder and President of Perfect Fit Brand told JRL CHARTS. “We are pleased to tell our retailers that we have invested heavily in expanding our inventory. We will be in an excellent position to keep your shelves well-stocked through the holiday season.” said Callow.

Perfect Fit Brand’s Fat Boy™ Collection of penis sheaths include the two newest models, the Checker Plate and Micro Rib. They are both designed and proven to give both partners pleasure. The Checker Plate texture is the most stimulating for the receiver, while the Micro Rib texture provides a more gentle stimulation. Both are available in three size options.

The XPLAY® Wrap Ring Collection is the multi award-winner Perfect Fit Brand’s newest collection for men. The Wrap Rings™ come in various cord lengths to cater to your taste. They come in two styles – a thin cord, and a thicker cord with more stretch. They have been carefully engineered to balance material characteristics, stretch factor, cord length (a big factor in the number of wraps possible), and cross-sectional diameter so they can wrap easily and provide a wide range of tensions.

The ZORO® Collection is just what the doctor ordered! In fact the Zoro® 5.5″ Black Strap-on is one you will definitely want to keep heavily in stock retailers!

With its innovative one-piece body-contoured shape, the Zoro® Collection is the better way to use a strap-on. The one piece construction, with Perfect Fit Brand’s super luxurious soft touch silicone, disperses all thrusting energy off your genitals into your pelvis for more control and superior comfort. The body-shaped molded design does not need a harness to keep it in place – instead a comfortable soft elasticized waistband is enough – and it’s included!

The Bumper® by Perfect Fit Brand is the hot new sex toy that provides more “cushion for the pushin’” – literally! In fact the Bumper® by Perfect Fit Brand is the patented first-ever adult product that cushions deep thrusts during intercourse, providing an opportunity for more passionate sex without restraint. The Bumper® is a system of two parts: The Bumper® Thrust Buffer™ and the Donut Buffer. Either one can be used independently or together to create a thick and protective cushion for when the thrusts get deep.

Finally we spotlight The Top Selling PLAYZONE Collection!

For those who’ve never used a Cock ring or a Penis ring, consider starting with the Play Zone™ Kit—9 of Perfect Fit Brand’s incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ Cock/Penis rings stacked on a bright orange mini traffic cone.

Perfect Fit Brand’s Xact-Fit™ 0.1″ incremental cock ring sizing system is the most precise on the market. Super strong, but soft to the touch, Xact-Fit™ rings stretch just enough to get on and off, but otherwise should be a comfortable (no pulled pubes!) and effective fit. With 9 rings to play with—wear them solo or in combination—cock ring, ball ring, shaft rings—find what works for every user.

Retailers can get ordering information on Perfect Fit Brand’s Top 5 Retail Picks by contacting Perfect Fit Brand’s corporate offices toll-free at 1+855-693-9300 | 1+954-835-5632 | EMAIL  |  Official Website  |  Facebook  |  Linkedin  |  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  YouTube.

Contact one of Perfect Fit Brand’ authorized distributors for ordering information:

East Coast News (ecn) toll-free at 1-800-999-2483 | 1-609-426-4451 fax | EMAIL | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

Eldorado toll-free at 1+800-525-0848 | International Calls: 1+303-444-4622 | B2B Site  |  Elevate-U  | EMAIL  | Facebook  | Twitter  |  YouTube.

SHOTS America – (USA) | 1+661-222-7855 | Fax 661-222-7856 | EMAIL | Facebook  | Twitter  | YouTube.

Shots Media BV – The Netherlands | +31 (0) 487-519-333 | Fax: +31 (0) 487-591-573 | EMAIL |  Facebook | Twitter | YouTube.

Williams Trading Co. toll-free at 1-800-423-8587  |  International Calls: 1-856-662-3344  |  EMAIL  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  | YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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