GREENBURGH, NY — (10-21-21) — A bisexual police officer of the Greenburgh Police Department has filed suit against her department and fellow officers over repeated sexual harassment incidents that date back to her joining the department in 2017..

Greenburgh Police Officer Kristin Stein filed a 42-Page Complaint alleging she was constantly sexually harassed by her fellow officers including her training officer. Stein further added that she had finally reached her limit in 2019 after she alleges her nightshift partner, pushed “his genital area into her buttocks, toppling over her and ramming himself into her,” while they were both on duty.

She also mentioned a shocking incident where her nightshift partner, Jeff Cerone, allegedly sexually assaulted her while both were on duty. That is also mentioned in the complaint filed by Stein.

Stein joined the Greenburgh police department in 2017 and she told News 12 (Below), that she had wanted to be a police officer since she was a little girl. But her dreams faded quickly when she began experiencing sexual harassment by her field training officer.

Review the 42-Page Complaint Filed by Officer Kristin Stein

In police body cam footage (below), male officers are seen laughing after the alleged assault on the bisexual officer.

In another police cam video, male officers are discussing officer Stein being physically touched. One officer can be heard saying “I think he has a crush on her.” Another officer in the video added…“He tries to assert his dominance to show that he has the penis in the relationship.”

The Greenburgh Police Department told News 12 that it disagreed with parts of the complaint filed by Kristin Stein and the interpretation of the police cam videos.

Watch Police Cam Footage in Alleged Misconduct

Watch News 12 Interview with Officer Kristin Stein

“The Town Board and I will never tolerate sexual harassment against members of the LGBTQ community or anyone,” read a prepared statement issued by Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner. “We want our employees to feel comfortable reporting incidents and also want our employees to know that we will take every complaint seriously. I know the Stein family and having an independent investigation will put her family and the public more at ease in this matter.” said Feiner.

Stein stated that the Greenburgh police department was a “boys’ club” where people just fall in line. “I’m the only one that stood up, and I’m the one that’s hurt,” said Stein. The bisexual police officer also believes she was targeted because of her sexual orientation.

“I truly believe that once the men in the department found out that there was a possibility that I was interested in men, and that I was in a relationship with a female, that everything became a fantasy,” said Stein. “Everything became almost like pornographic with me.” said Stein.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as they become available.

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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