LOS ANGELES — (10-18-21) — JD Daniels’ newly formed gay erotica brand Luxxxe Studios, have just wrapped production on its first stimulating scene entitled Friends in Heat (2021), starring Brian Bonds and Luxxxe Studios illustrious new exclusive and brand ambassador Justin Yurmouth.

Luxxxe Studios Exclusive Model-Brand Ambassador Justin Yurmouth

Luxxxe Studios Exclusive Model-Brand Ambassador Justin Yurmouth

“I can’t begin to tell you how proud I was to have an amazing team working on my first scene for Luxxxe,” said Founder and CEO JD Daniels. Both Brian and Justin nailed it and even surpassed my expectations. I was so impressed by their stellar performances. The scene was so hot and steamy you can feel the chemistry and hunger they had for each other; it was that good, direct and realistic,” said Daniels.

The tryst was filmed and photographed by Anthony Duran and Jasun Mark, whom Daniels described as “a joy and a lot of fun.”

“It’s always very exciting to help new studios find their artistic vision and help them create their first scenes,” said Jasun Mark. “Doing it with Anthony was even more fun. He and I have been working together since 2009, so it was both old and new,” said Mark.

Mark continued…”JD’s excitement and enthusiasm were very refreshing, but I was also impressed with his attention to detail and how he wanted the scenes to look and feel. He didn’t just walk on set thinking, ‘Let’s make a porn.’ He did a lot of planning and learning about what he wanted the final product to look like.” said Mark.

“And of course, Brian is an old friend I love shooting. And having my first shoot with Justin was equally fun,” added Mark. “Can’t wait to see where this all goes.”

Anthony Duran added, “It was a pleasure working with such a great team at Luxxxe. Beautiful location and perfect casting.”

“Brian and I had so much chemistry, and both Jasun and Anthony captured it beautifully. I’m really impressed with the results,” Yurmouth said. “JD had a very strong vision for this scene and it paid off in a huge way.”

“It’s a huge deal and I’m proud of him for taking the steps. He did a very good job with all the booking responsibilities,” added Bonds. “I always love working with Anthony and Jasun. They always make me comfortable while on set. Having known Justin for years, and worked together with him, I’m grateful to have had such an amazing scene partner.” said Bonds.

Adult webmasters can look forward to promoting Luxxxe Studios upcoming release of Friends in Heat (2022), which is expected to be released in early 2022 with the launch of Luxxxe Studios Official Online Network.

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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