BRUSSELS — (10-18-21) — Poland’s Prime Minister warned on Monday that overreach by several of the EU’s institutions with LGBT Rights pressure is a threat to the future of the bloc. The European Commission is preparing legal action against the Polish government after its top court ruled that some European laws are incompatible with the country’s constitution.

But in a letter to the EU’s 27 national leaders, Mateusz Morawiecki defended his country’s actions against the LGBTQ community by saying that the Commission is dangerously overstepping the limits of its powers by interfering in Polish constitutional affairs.

“Today we are dealing with a very dangerous phenomenon whereby various European Union institutions usurp powers they do not have under the Treaties and impose their will on Member States,” wrote Morawiecki.

However pressure continues to mount on the European Commission to take action against Poland. In fact MEPs want to use a previously unused legal measure, the commonly referred to rule-of-law conditionality mechanism, which allows the suspension of EU funds if a serious misuse of the bloc’s budget and pandemic recovery funds are found.

The EU Commission continues to withold approval of Poland’s national recovery plan – worth €23.9 billion in grants and another €12.1 billion in loans over the independence of the courts as well as media freedoms and LGBT rights which Poland refuses to recognize.

As these tensions between Brussels and Warsaw increase, the Polish Prime Minister is set to defend his country’s actions against the LGBTQ Community and other right wing messures that go against the EU to MEPs in Strasbourg Tuesday October 19, 2021.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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