TEXARKANA, TX — (10-10-21) — Police have identified two male suspects who entered the popular Cindi’s Adult Store and stole $550 in lingerie and several other sex toys last week.

The suspects stuffed the $550 worth of lingerie in their pants at the Cindie’s Adult Store located at 4501 N State Line Ave in Texarkana.  The male suspects waited until an employee was distracted with another customer and took the lingerie and other goodies, leaving empty display boxes behind.

Shoplifters Steal $550 in lingerie from Texarkana Adult Store-2021-10-10-JRL-CHARTS

Surveillance Video- Cindie’s Adult Store-2021

One suspect that was caught on camera during the theft was quickly identified by police. The second suspect who had the nerve to use his Cindie’s Rewards Card to purchase a couple of items thinking that would eliminate any suspicion of a theft that may have just occurred.

Unfortunately the moron thief forgot that his personal information was stored on his Cindie’s Rewards Card. Talk about an idiot!

Using the information supplied by Cindie’s Rewards Card,, Texarkana police were able to quickly identify the second suspect as Joel Maris.

Joel Maris and suspect two identified as James Duppstadt, have not been captured as of this post.

Texarkana Police Release statement on Adult Store Robbery

“We’ve got theft warrants for James Duppstadt and Joel Maris after they made at two trips to Cindie’s in the last few weeks and left without paying for several… uh… “items”.

In each instance, they would wait until the employee was helping someone and then start shoving merchandise in their pants. The thefts were only noticed after the men had left the store and an employee found empty boxes hidden on the shelves. When they then went back and looked at the surveillance video, they discovered that the whole thing had been captured on camera. Between the two visits that we know about, they managed to walk out the door with almost $550 worth of stuff.

Guess they thought they were being pretty slick but they didn’t quite think it all the way through. You see… Maris went to the counter and paid for a small purchase before he left the store – all the while having stolen items hidden in his pants.

Now this is where it gets good… He had them scan his rewards card so it could get credit for the purchase. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Of course, all his personal information was attached to the rewards card so it was just a matter of doing some quick checking to figure out who he was. From there, it was almost as easy to figure out who Duppstadt is.

If you have information on the location of James Duppstadt or Joel Maris contact TTPD at 903.798.3116.”

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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