MONTREAL, QC — (09-29-21) — Gamma Films Group’ newly launched label Disruptive Films, have announced the ship date for ‘The Last Course DVD (2021)’ starring Johnny Ford, Michael Del Ray, Michael Boston, Jim Fit, Chris Damned, Dakota Payne, Dante Colle, Brandon Anderson, Cameron Dallile, Trevor Harris, Johnny Hunter, and Lucy Hart, in her final performance as Lance Hart.

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The Last Course DVD-Screen Clips-Disruptive Films-Pulse-2021

Creator and Director Bree Mills has truly out done himself this time out as Disruptive Films has also released an R-Rated version for mainstream brick and mortar retailers to generate huge numbers in both DVD rentals, sales and movie theater streams.  The Last Course film is sure to capture multiple nominations at next year’s GayVN and Grabby Award celebrations.

“If you could invite ALL THE MEN you’ve had sex with to the same dinner party, what would YOU do to them? James Montgomery disappeared from public view over a year ago, but his legacy still impacts the six men he spent his life with. When they each receive a mysterious invitation in the mail, they have no idea that they are about to embark on a twisted journey to reunite with the man they all think they know.”

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The Last Course DVD-Disruptive Films-Pulse-2021

Pulse Distribution will begin shipping Disruptive Films’ “The Last Course on DVD’  October 12, 2021.

Retailers! Judging by the upcoming DVD productions from Disruptive Films, you can expect impressive numbers across the board for your brick and mortar locations.

Watch – The Last Course DVD NSFW Trailer (2021)

The Last Course DVD-Official Trailer-Disruptive Films-Pulse-2021

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Directed by:
Bree Mills

Director of Photography:
Conrad Parker

Written by:
Bree Mills

Produced by:
Bree Mills
Walden Woods

Production Companies:
Disruptive Films

Distributed by:
Pulse Distribution (USA) (DVD)
Buddy Profits (Digital)

UPC Code:
8-95152 08478-3



Run time:
2Hr 45mins

Ship Date:
October 12, 2021

Street Date:
October 21, 2021

Copyright © 2021 FCF Agency/Disruptive Films

Retailers can get ordering information by contacting Vice President of Sales, Andrew Quaintance at Pulse Distribution at 1+818-435-1604 | Fax 1+818-435-1602 | EMAIL | B2B Site | Skype: Andrew_Pulse.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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