CZECH REPUBLIC — (09-18-21) — Muscle Jock Czech twink 18 year-old Alan McKenzie, is back to get his monster cock serviced at the EASTBOYS Network in  ‘Alan McKenzie Private Handjob (2021).  Since making his debut on the EASTBOYS Network back in March, McKenzie has performed in 6 solo productions for the Network and now he’s back for his best ever with scene #7 in Alan McKenzie Private Handjob (2021).

Alan McKenzie Private Handjob-gay-porn-screen-clips-EastBoys-2021-09-18-JRL-CHARTS

After teasing you with his muscle flexing skills, the main attraction makes its appearance as Alan McKenzie’s Monster Cock emerges from his jeans and ready to be serviced!

The real question is – When will we see that monster cock pound a hot power bottom on screen?

However I must say, for being the first time that I’ve covered the EASTBOYS gay porn network on JRL CHARTS, they have proven their reputation to be more than just hype!  A Must Watch!

Watch Alan McKenzie Private Handjob (2021)

Alan McKenzie Private Handjob-official trailer-EastBoys-2021-09-18-JRL-CHARTS

Official Website

Alan McKenzie Profile:
Official Website


Production Companies:
EASTBOYS Productions

Czech Republic

Run Time:
12 Minutes 55 Seconds

Release date:
September 8, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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