LAS VEGAS — (09-06-21) —  Helix Studios scores a scorching hit with the third installment of Alex Roman’s ‘PUP PLAY Part Three (2021)’ on digital.  The threesome gem stars Helix Exclusives Josh Brady, Silas Brooks and Robin Moore.  Executive Producer Keith Miller and producer Casey Roman teamed with San Francisco-based Mr. S Leather to provide the eye catching wardrobe for Alex Roman’s ‘PUP PLAY Part Three (2021).

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Josh Brady, Robin Moore, and Silas Brooks have all gone to the dogs, in this three way- pup play- fuck fest! Boyfriends, Garrett, and Loco are in a bit of a slump; but, after getting the clerk at the adult store’s number the other week, they know exactly how to spice it up! The cute couple wind up at beefy boy, Josh Brady’s place. The dom “handler” immediately calls pretty “pups,” Silas Brooks, and Robin Moore into the room with a clap from his firm hands.

Brady orders the pups to put on their hoods, and speak. The pups do as their told, as Brady explains pup play in delicious detail to Garrett, and Loco. After the demonstration, the couple decide to head home. However, the pup play at Josh’s place continues, just as Brady closes the blinds. The puppy pair follow every cock stretching command from their hot handler, first on each other, then on juicy Josh as well.

The sexy session turns into a full on threesome, where Brady is the bone king, as both pups worship his colossal cock. The dom Dick slinger inspects the pup’s pretty posteriors with thick fingers, and a darting tongue, as muffled puppy sounds fill the air. Then, Brady buries in bone DEEP into both boy’s beautiful back doors, till each of them explode in orgasmic glory, with two finishing on one pup’s masked face!

PUP PLAY Part Three starring Helix Exclusives Josh Brady, Silas Brooks and Robin Moore premiered on September 3rd on the Helix Studios Network.

Watch PUP PLAY Part Three NSFW Trailer

Pup Play-part-three-gay-porn-trailer-helix-studios

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Directed by:
Alex Roman (D.G.A)

Written by:
Heidi Moore

Edited by:
Trillian Nicole

Wardrobe by:
Mr. S Leather

Casey Roman

Executive Producer:
Keith Miller

Production companies:
Helix Studios

Distributed by:
Helix Studios Direct
13 Red Media



Run time:
40 Minutes

Digital Release Date:
September 3, 2021

Copyright © 2021 Helix Studios/13 Red Media

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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