WASHINGTON, D.C — (09-03-21) — An LGBT exhibit documenting the history of LGBT rights has been removed from Missouri’s state Capitol after officials received numerous complaints from conservatives about it.

Openly Gay Missouri state Sen. Greg Razer (D), tweeted on Thursday that the exhibit had been in the Missouri State Museum for just four days before it was removed by officials.

Missouri Yanks LGBT History Exhibit from Capitol-2021-09-03-JRL-CHARTS

Missouri Yanks LGBT History Exhibit from Capitol-2021-09-03-JRL-CHARTS

“Here is the display that was too controversial for the Missouri Capitol. @mostateparks removed it after only four days because seeing the LGBT community not being persecuted and seeking equal treatment under the law is offensive to some. #moleg,” tweeted Razer.

Communications director for Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R), Kelli Jones, told media outlets that Governor Parson had not initially been aware that the museum was displaying the LGBT exhibit.

“Governor Parson’s office became aware of the display after receiving several complaints regarding the display”, said Jones. “The Department of Natural Resources manages the Museum and state statute requires the Department to coordinate activities relating to the Museum with the Board of Public Buildings. The statutorily mandated process was not followed in this instance, thereby, causing the Department of Natural Resources to remove the display,” said Jones.

Connie Patterson, director of communications for Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources, confirmed to JRL CHARTS that the LGBT exhibit had been removed from public viewing.

Razer said in a tweet that the agency caved to political pressure.

“@mostateparks, one of the most trusted and beloved state agencies, felt it was easier for them to bend to bigotry than it was for them to have a backbone for a marginalized group of people. It’s really that simple,” tweeted Razer on Friday.

Conservative Uriah Stark, a legislative assistant to state Rep. Mitch Boggs (R), voiced his opinion by posting on Facebook last Tuesday…“So is there any good reason that our taxpayer funded museum is pushing the LGBT agenda in our state capitol? These are literally in-your-face banners that you can’t walk through the museum without seeing… and they’re scheduled to be there through December.”

On Wednesday, Stark took a victory lap by posting on Facebook that the exhibit had been removed, crediting two lawmakers for their help.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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