LAS VEGAS — (08-18-21) — Latin twink gay adult film stars Fabrice Rossi, Rick Lennon and Edwin Mendez star in ‘Meet Me In Aires Episode 5: Follow You Two (2021), the latest episode in the runaway online gay erotica hit series from director Rossi Ferdinand and executive producer Keith Miller.

“Two roommates use the “Meet Me” application to attract other boys in a very seductive way: dancing! Edwin, a tattooed boy, dances seductively, shows his body with a suspender, pulls up his shirt. The boys send the video and Rick is nearby, who sees it and sends them a video too. The roommates send him the location of his apartment to get to the couch and, of course, start kissing fiercely. Rick in the middle of the two, begins to be kissed and fondled, they take off his clothes, they kiss him on the neck and all over his body.

Meet Me in Buenos Aires-Fabrice Rossi-Rick Lennon-Edwin Mendez-screen-clips-Helix Studios

Meet Me in Buenos Aires-Fabrice Rossi-Rick Lennon-Edwin Mendez-Helix Studios

There is handling of lumps, Rick grabs the two lumps at the same time, then kneels and puts them in his mouth, two penises just for him while the other two kiss each other. Fabrice’s cock grows inside Rick’s mouth. This kid hit the jackpot. They begin to suck his ass, while the bottom sucks the other’s cock. Easily, they put the penis in the hole of the ass, the boy moans with pleasure with the other penis in his mouth, more pleasure, more sucks.”

Watch Latin twink gay adult film stars Rossi, Rick Lennon and Edwin Mendez bring it in Rossi Ferdinand’ Meet Me In Aires Episode 5: Follow You Two (2021) exclusively on the Helix Studios Network.

Meet Me In Aires: Follow Me (NSFW Trailer)

Meet Me in Buenos Aires EP05 Follow You-gay porn trailer-Helix-Studios

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Directed by:
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Director of Photgraphy:
Kik Vilar

Executive Producer:
Keith Miller

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August 18, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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