CZECH REPUBLIC — (08-15-21) — BelAmi Entertainment is on a roll for #AnalAugust as executive producer George Duroy release a mouthwatering bareback production entitled Olaf & Jerome (2021), starring BelAmi exclusives Jerome Exupery and Olaf Mortensen.

Following the success of Olaf and Andrei (2021), Jamie Durrell and Brian Jovovich (2021),  Niko & Nikk (2021), Adam & Tom Part 1 (2021), Niko Vangelis X Raphael (2021) and Andrei & John (2021), executive producer George Duroy is sure to pop open another bottle of champagne over the digital success of  Olaf & Jerome (2021) on digital.

Belami-Olaf Mortensen-and-Jerome Exupery-screenclips-JRL-CHARTS

Belami-Olaf Mortensen-and-Jerome Exupery-screen clips-JRL-CHARTS

“Even the cameramen get a chance to be in on the action during Summer in Prague. Today Jerome downs the camera and picks up with power bottom Olaf instead. Since Jerome has taken up the camera he has had little chance to perform in front of it, but when his time ame, most of the boys had fallen victim to a stomach flu. Luckily for him Olaf seems to have a very robust immune system and is fully capable of showing Jerome what he has been missing out on for the past 6 months.”

Olaf & Jerome (2021) made its debut on  August 12, 2021 on the BelAmiOnline Network.

Watch Olaf & Jerome (NSFW Trailer) (2021)

BelAmi-Olaf & Jerome-gay-porn-movie-trailer

BelAmi-Olaf & Jerome-gay-porn-movie-trailer

JRL-CHARTS-Wet Lubricants--BANNER-0X453

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Directed by:
Marty Stevens

Produced by:
George Duroy

Production Companies:
BelAmi Entertainment

Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)
Vimpex Gay Media (DVD) (Europe)

BelAmi Online:
Official Website | VoD

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Czech Republic


Digital Release date:
August 12, 2021

Copyright © 2021 BelAmi Entertainment

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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