LAS VEGAS — (08-12-21) — Paramount Pictures and Saban Films brings you Nadine Malouf, Nick Westrate and Brandon Perea starring in ‘American Insurrection Official Trailer (2021). The upcoming dark indie thriller about an all-too-real film directed by William Sullivan. American Insurrection unveils a near-future dystopian America where a civilian militia known as the self-proclaimed “Volunteers”, have started tracking anyone who is not white, Christian, straight and cisgender through a barcoding system.

Desperate to escape the oppression, racism and violence, a group of young friends try to escape over the border into Canada. The film also stars Brandon Perea, Nick Westrate, and Jarret Kerr.

American Insurrection 2021 film Official Poster-Paramount Pictures-Saban Films

American Insurrection 2021 Poster-Paramount Pictures-Saban Films

American Insurrection: Civilian Militia track Non-whites with Barcodes

It’s scary to see how easily America can seriously end up in this type of future if we’re not careful. Prepare yourself! And, do you see this in your neighborhoods?

American Insurrection will be released in select theaters, On Digital and On Demand October 8, 2021.

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The Volunteers
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Saban Films:
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Directed by:
William Sullivan

Screenplay by:
Jarret Kerr
William Sullivan

Cinematography by:
Brandon Roots

Music by:
Nathan Matthew David

Film Editing by:
Casey O’Donnell

Casting by:
Henry Russell Bergstein
Allison Estrin

Production Design by:
Lauren-Noel Flores
Emily Steiker-Epstein

Art Direction by:
Anne Dempsey
Chloe Nelson

Produced by:
William Sullivan (p.g.a.)
Jess Weiss (p.g.a.)
Sarah Wharton (p.g.a.)
Jarret Kerr
Brandon Roots

Associate Producers:
Miguel Garzon Martinez
Ben Samuels
Oliver Samuels

Executive Producer:
Anne Dempsey

Production Companies:
Copperline Creative
Dream Queen Productions

Saban Films (2021) (USA) (theatrical)
Paramount+ (Digital) (VoD)



Release date:
October 8, 2021

Copyright © 2021 Paramount Pictures

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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