PENNSAUKEN, NJ — (07-05-21) — Powerhouse adult distributor Williams Trading Co., have released its new Muffs and Cuffs Adult Novelty Drop Shipment Commercial. Retailers, you’ve come across the only wholesale adult toy distributor that isn’t trying to compete with you! Muffs and Cuffs main goal is for your online adult toy store business to succeed!

According to Williams Trading Co., and Muff and Cuffs, they have the resources and the knowledge to help your online adult toy store succeed.  They ship for many of the oldest and most popular adult toy stores on the web.

At Muffs and Cuffs we go far beyond internet fulfillment!

In addition to their drop-shipping services, they have many other services to offer. Take a minute to browse around and see what we’re about at

Plus retailers, if you become a customer of Muffs and Cuffs, they can provide you with instant access to catalog images of all the sex toys, instant access to new products, and their online order system to simplify your customer services tasks.  They also have all of the price lists you’ll need to set up your adult toy store. Check out our services page for more details.

Muffs and Cuffs Adult Novelty Commercial – WTC

20140609Muffs_and_Cuffs_Adult_Novelty_Drop_Shipmentp44tr8WP2T4 from Williams Trading Co on Vimeo.

Retailers, don’t forget to sign up for the Williams Trading Co. VIP Text List.

For more information contact  your account representative at the Williams Trading Company (WTC), toll-free at 1-800-423-8587  |  International Calls: 1-856-662-3344  |  EMAIL  | BLOG |  Facebook  |  Twitter  | YouTube | Vimeo.


Take advantages of the Williams Trading Company’s state of the art Drop Ship Integration Program.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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