LOS ANGELES — (06-23-21) — The newest update to the Sportsheets Reseller Support (SRS) site offers Sportsheets and Sex & Mischief branded wall skins in black and white and three sizes that retailers can download, print, and install in their retail spaces. If printed on removable material, wall skins are an ideal temporary and flexible solution to creating eye-catching, designated sections in retail spaces, the company said.

Sportsheets Reseller Support (SRS) Wall Skins Revealed

“As end consumers venture out more amid lifting restrictions, we’re excited to offer this resource to help retailers brand their Sportsheets sections to help drive in-store sales,” says Julia Harney, B2B sales manager. “We are continuously striving to give the best support to our retail partners.” said Harney.

Sportsheetes Elite Team-2021-06-23-JRL-CHARTS

Sportsheetes Elite Team-2021-06-23-JRL-CHARTS

The company launched Sportsheets Reseller Support (SRS), a B2B service hub housing 40+ gigabytes of promotional and marketing materials, last year. A May SRS update included the addition of an animated GIF collection taken from the company’s latest.

Retailers can visit Sportsheets Reseller Support at sportsheetsb2b.com.

For more information by contacting your Sportsheets account representative at 1+714-698-0877 | B2B Site  | Facebook  | Instagram  | Tumblr  |  Twitter  | YouTube.

You can also contact one of Sportsheets Authorized Distributors for ordering information.

East Coast News Corp. (ecn) toll-free at 1-800-999-2483 | 1-609-426-4451 fax | EMAIL | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

Eldorado toll-free at 1+800-525-0848 | International Calls: 1+303-444-4622 | B2B Site  |  Elevate-U  | EMAIL  | Facebook  | Twitter  |  YouTube.

Williams Trading Co. toll-free at 1-800-423-8587  |  International Calls: 1-856-662-3344  |  EMAIL  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  | YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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