NEW YORK, NY — (06-07-21) — US Arcades launch its highly anticipated website.  This website is free for customers to use and a free advertising resource for all US Arcade stores.  The purpose of the site is threefold. First, the store locator will allow customers to find their nearest adult arcade.

Second, each store has its own listing page where they can advertise any sales, specials or events that are happening. Third, there is a forum on each store listing for customer reviews, to help build the store’s following.

“The past couple of years, our focus was mainly on enhancing the customer experience in booths and theaters,” said David Joseph President of US Arcades. “With PeepMaps, we will be focusing on casting out a larger net to attract more customers into the stores” said Joseph.

There are currently 89 stores listed on PeepMaps throughout 30 states with a full schedule of new locations being added throughout 2021.

“There is a site called Weedmaps that gives you all types of information on cannabis and where to purchase it here in California. It is the go-to site for anyone with weed needs.” added David Joseph.

The goal is to grow to that same level of support for our retail partners.” said Lewis Adams, US Arcades VP of Sales. “With an advertising and social media plan in place, PeepMaps intends to make a big splash in the marketplace.” said Adams.

He continued…“We are putting a lot of resources behind This is part of a strategy that we believe will not only benefit stores in the short-term, but also drive the arcade’s long-term health. To support PeepMaps, we will be appealing directly to the next generation customer using proven social media advertising and retention programs.” said Adams.

Review and discover why all the hype is well worth it!

For more information, contact Adams at 818.888.8738 or via EMAIL.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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