NEW YORK — (06-01-21) — Pride Month is here and LGBTQ groups are going to be drawing attention  to the never ending Republican Campaign of anti-transgender bills making their way across the country in GOP strong hold legislatures.

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According to The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), GOP-backed measures targeting transgender people continue to be at the top of their agenda over the past few months, ranging from banning transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports to prohibiting gender-affirming medical care for transgender youths.

“Those bills are damaging, those bills are dehumanizing,” Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Executive Director Alphonso David told Conservative News Network, The Hill. “HRC will be using Pride Month “as a platform to really amplify the importance of advocacy and engagement,” said David.

David continued…“We need to make sure that the community understands and appreciates the current climate that we live in, in the United States, where state legislators are looking to take away legal protections that we have,” David added. “We have members of the trans and non-binary community that are living in a state of fear.” said Alphonso David.

Cathy Renna, communications director for the National LGBTQ Task Force also told The Hill…“In some ways, Pride will be very different, but it will also not be that different in that we are using Pride as a platform to elevate and amplify these issues and get people talking about them. You’re going to see a tremendous amount of visibility of both trans youth and adolescents, and also their allies, and their families. That’s not something we’ve seen as much of until really the last few years,” said Renna.

Pride Month organizers and LGBTQ groups nationwide have said that Pride Month 2021 will also celebrate the new Biden/Harris administration.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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