PENNSAUKEN, NJ — (05-18-21) — Williams Trading Co is pleased to announce the addition of a new Satisfyer Health & Wellness course sponsored by award-winning manufacturer Satisfyer.  The extremely popular Williams Trading University’s Sexual Health & Wellness e-Learning platform announced the news on Tuesday May 18..

Free with a simple log in, the Sexual Health & Wellness platform is an extension of Williams Trading Co’s award-winning retail training platform, Williams Trading University. Instead of a focus on product training, the sexual health & wellness course modules offer retailers training on health & wellness topics that they might encounter from consumers, and are written by accredited sexual health experts.

Williams Trading University’ Satisfyer Health & Wellness Course

Dr. Sunny Rodgers, who holds a PhD in Human Sexuality and multiple certifications pertaining to sexual health & wellness, worked closely with Satisfyer’s own Megwyn White to develop “Accessing Blended Orgasms.”

Accessing Blended Orgasm-WTU

“Joining forces with Megwyn and Satisfyer was a true delight! The powerful information shared in this course will be able to expand pleasure options for end consumers and will be valuable for retailers,” say Dr. Sunny, who has collaborated on several course modules for the new e-Learning platform.

“Accessing Blended Orgasms” introduces students to the concept of stimulating multiple erogenous zones at the same time in order to obtain a more intense type of orgasm, as well as the concept of prosody – vocalization – and how it affects arousal and orgasm.

Williams Trading University Coordinator Rachel M, who oversaw the development of the course, comments, “This was a very intensive course to develop, and one that addresses more complex concepts. Students who want to take their education to the next level will really get a lot out of this module.” said Rachel M.

According to Megwyn White, who holds the position as Satisfyer’s Director of Education, the course is not just for helping consumers, but encourages retailers and e-Learners to give thought to their own bodies as well.

“This [course] incorporates elements of somatic science in understanding how our bodies are not only wired for orgasm,” said White. “But how that wiring is interlaced with our mammalian need for expression and deep connection.  My hope is that you’ll leave this [course] curious, and will test the waters of the Blended Orgasm to not only access new dimensions of pleasure, but also be even more inclined to explore your bodies’ innate wisdom to find balance and health through the embodiment of orgasm.” said White.

The module can be viewed as the next step in sexual health & wellness education, building upon the basic knowledge students might already have. Of course, as with most of these courses, a handy reference sheet with key points and additional resources for those who want to learn more about the topic can be downloaded at the conclusion of the course.

Developing a Health & Wellness channel was a natural next step for Williams Trading Co and the University, and working with educators like Dr. Sunny really gives retailers and other e-Learners a good foundation to build off of.

“I truly believe that the wealth of knowledge on WTU’s Sexual Health Channel is providing retail staff with effective insight to assist and support their consumers in this ever-changing world,” says Dr. Sunny on the development of the new channel.

Those wishing to take this course can find it at along with a growing number of other course modules.

The original Williams Trading University channel also offers another (9) product-based courses from Satisfyer, which can be found at under the Satisfyer category.

Those wishing to take these and other product-focused courses can sign up for a free account on the original channel.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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