LOS ANGELES — (05-13-21) — (PRESS RELEASE) M.D. Science Lab, makers of the Swiss Navy brand, recently released a brand new collection developed by women, for women. The products and formulas were all uniquely created to support female intimate wellness and sexual health.

This collection is Desire by Swiss Navy. Desire, and the women behind its creation, recognize May as Women’s Health Month, which officially kicked off this year on May 9, Mother’s Day, with National Women’s Health Week.

“Our development team at Swiss Navy knows that women have special struggles,” said Briana Watkins, M.D. Science Lab’s VP of sales and marketing. “Creating this product line was one of my top focuses when I joined the Swiss Navy family a little over a year ago. Being able to design a full collection of products that support women’s health has been incredibly fulfilling. And the fact that this collection is so successful just shows how much it was needed.”

The Office on Women’s Health (OASH) states that every woman has her own approach to overall health and they created National Women’s Health Week to serve as a reminder for women to make their health a priority.

“Along with regular doctor visits, eating right, and staying active, women should focus on their sexual health as well,” said Dr. Sunny Rodgers, Swiss Navy’s intimate health advisor. “Too often, creating healthy intimate routines and ensuring that products used are appropriate for female bodies gets overlooked. I believe that the Desire collection offers an empowered way for women to take control of their own sexual wellness.”

For more information on the National Women’s Health movement, visit womenshealth.gov/nwhw.

To learn more about Swiss Navy and to view their latest product range, visit swissnavy.com.

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