LAS VEGAS – (05-03-21) – Carnal Media strikes gold with its release starring their exclusive award-winning gay adult film superstar Austin L. Young in “The Boy Austin Chapter 1-3” on DVD, digital and VoD.  Gay adult film actors Master Felix and Master Legrand join Austin L. Young in this 98 minute daddy/twink bareback extravaganza that is sure to deliver impressive numbers in DVD sales and VoD numbers.

In a press release issued back in April, Carnal Media’s Public Relations Director Tom Ford said…”With this release, we are out of the gate and off and running. “We have been working diligently with Legrand Wolf and his husband Jay on every aspect; from the content to the box cover artwork, to get everything finalized. Legrand and his husband have created the best-selling gay adult DVD titles in the last 5 years. So our Carnal Media family could not be more pleased and excited that Carnal Media’s first DVD is ready to launch”. said Ford.

The Boy Austin Chapter 1-3 DVD-front-cover-Carnal Media-2021-05-03-JRL-CHARTS

Ford continued…”Our “Boy For Sale” series introduces viewers to “The Buyers Group,” a secret society of men who buy and sell the ultimate prize: boy slaves with virginal bodies and submissive hearts. “Viewers follow along as young boys are taken in, groomed, and freed of their sense of autonomy to become what they deeply long to be: objects of desire. Once won, these boys must do everything their master’s command. They’re property to be used in this rich, immersive erotic experience allowing the viewer to follow along as each boy’s story unfolds chapter by chapter.” concluded Ford.

Owner of Carnal Media Legrand Wolf added…”Boy For Sale: The Boy Austin – Chapters 1 – 3″, features Austin Young, the recent recipient of the “Twink Performer of the Year” award. He’s a small, lean little guy with a true submissive’s heart. He plays a role that is a huge personal turn-on for him in this series. In his heart, he likes the idea that his place is at the foot of a master. The secret society known as The Buyers Group is the stuff of his personal erotic fantasies. It’s a joy to work with models who love the fantasy stories we create and share.” said Wolf.

The Boy Austin Chapter 1-3 DVD-back-cover-Carnal Media-2021-05-03-JRL-CHARTS

“BoyForSale follows the transfer of ownership from one man to the next as young, submissive slaves are paid for and claimed by their dominant masters. The boys serve their superiors, catering to their every need and desire. The boys learn what’s expected of them through proper grooming and training, but at the end of the day, they’re the property of their owners and must obey. Austin Young is a small, lean twink with a true submissive’s heart. He knows his place is at the foot of a master, but he’s been told his whole life to be his own man. The secret society of owners has offered Austin the chance to free himself from the bonds of this fate, offering instead a bondage better suited to his instincts and desires.”

Pulse Distribution began shipping Carnal+ and Boy For Sale’ gay porn production of “The Boy Austin Chapter 1-3″ on DVD” on April 13, 2021.

Watch Official NSFW Trailer

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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