PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — (05-02-21) — Williams Higgins Entertainment kicks off PRIDE Season with ‘Jan & Tadeas Raw Cherry Busting (2021) on digital. 18-25 lovers are in for treat with 21 year old Jan Blatnik and 19 year-old Tadeas Hospodar in this delicious production of raw twink action.

The question is – Will it live up to William Higgins’ blockbuster hits of Roman & Max Screentest RAW (2021) and Max & Stefan RAW in Czech Up (2020).

You be the judge when you review the official trailer below!

Jan & Tadeas RAW - Cherry Busting-William Higgins-twinks-raw-2021-05-02-JRL-CHARTS-02

Jan & Tadeas RAW - Cherry Busting-William Higgins-twinks-raw-2021-05-02-JRL-CHARTS-03

Jan & Tadeas RAW - Cherry Busting-William Higgins-twinks-raw-2021-05-02-JRL-CHARTS-04

“Jan Blatnik and Tadeas Hospodar meet for the first time when they come into the studio. Both eager to try something with another guy they begin to kiss each other. As they kiss they let their hands begin to feel each other too. Tadeas pulls off Jan’s tee shirt as they kiss for a long time. Then he takes off his own tee shirt as well.

Jan lays back on the sofa and Tadeas kisses his chest as well. He opens Jan’s jeans and releases his already stiff cock. Pulling down Jan’s jeans Tadeas takes the hard cock into his mouth and starts sucking on it. He sucks on the balls as well and works his mouth on that rock hard cock.

Jan pushes Tadeas head down on his cock as he enjoys the hot mouth. He gropes Tadeas jeans too as he encourages the sucking. Tadeas licks up and down the shafts and sucks more on those balls as well. Then he kisses over the sexy chest and up to Jan’s mouth again.”

William Higgins Entertainment released Jan Blatnik and Tadeas Hospodar starring in Jan & Tadeas Raw Cherry Busting on April 30, 2021.

We are sure to see gay porn bloggers promoting the hell out of this euro twink gem!

Watch Jan & Tadeas Raw Cherry Busting NSFW Trailer

Jan and Tadeas RAW official gay porn trailer-Williams Trading

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April 30, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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