CARENCRO, LA — (03-30-21) — Owners of the Crave Adult Novelty Store were informed by the owners of the Derrick Plaza property that their recently signed 5 year-lease had been cancelled.  The news came to the Crave adult novelty store owners Mike and Julie Menard days before they were planning their grand opening for their new location.

First the city council banned the Menard’s Crave adult novelty store from selling sex toys claiming that it was illegal, after citing a 20 year-old obscenity ordinance.

Mike Menard told KLFY 10 that they were still planning on opening and working with the city in deciding what was allowed to be sold. Mike Menard even cited the Supreme Court Case, Miller v. California.

“I’m not a sue happy guy, I just wanted to open my store. Now I’ve got a breach of contract and all sorts of things,” Mike Menard told KLFY 10.

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JRL CHARTS attempted to contact the landlord of the Derrick Plaza property for comment on this article but was told that they have no comment.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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