CHATSWORTH, CA — (03-26-21) — Retailers and adult consumers get ready as 665 Leather and 665 Distribution introduce the ABM Adult Toys Collection. Founder and President of 665 Curtis Thompson, unveils the 12-Piece Line of pleasure products that include the Bumpy by ABM, CHUB by ABM, Flick by ABM and the Twink by ABM.

Not to mention the Hook Up by ABM, Pookie by ABM, Loop by ABM, E-Boy by ABM, the Daddy by ABM and the Energy by ABM, round out the ABM collection of masturbation toys for men.

E-Boy Masturbator  by ABM-665 Leather

E-Boy Masturbator by ABM-665 LeatherThe E-Boy by ABM-665 Leather

Day to night to morning, this toy will keep you in the moment! The E-Boy is designed to look big and impressive, just like your favourite guys in their online videos. Its interior boasts a fun zig zag pattern that ends with ridges for your cockhead to go through. With a thick girth, a height of 17 cm, and its soft, realistic feel, this toy is perfect to fuck your brains out and to make you feel like you’re down with the kids. It’s all the rage on TikTok. You want it? Say so.

Twink by ABM-665 Leather

Twink by ABM-665 Leather

The Twink by ABM-665 Leather

Take that pretty boy for a spin! The Twink masturbator has a sleek spiral design, made to be easily gripped and held onto without losing comfort or control. Sounds familiar. The Twink’s inner ribbing will provide extra stimulation, so you can get the most out of your tight new fucktoy. At 17 cm long, the Twink can take the pounding you throw his way and keep asking for more. Just be nice… but not too nice!

Flick by ABM-665 Leather

Flick by ABM-665 Leather

The Flick-by ABM-665 Leather

Hold up now. Don’t get it twisted, because we already have. The Flick masturbator comes in a sleek spiral design, with thick ridges that feel comfortable to touch and are easy to grip. The Flick’s textured interior will give your cock a unique sensation as it widens and tightens at different points. At 17 cm long, this toy is guaranteed to bring you pleasure like never before.

For adult consumers who can’t wait to get their hands on the ABM Adult Toys collection can review their entire line up at the 665 Leather Online Superstore by Clicking Here.

For more information, contact  Chris Duarte, Director of Sales at 1+818-678-9193 | EMAIL  | Facebook  | Instagram | Twitter.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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