WASHINGTON D.C. — (03-18-21) — Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is flexing her influence to garner her support for the Equality Act Bill passed by the House of Representatives. While Collins supported the Equality Acts Bill last year, this time around she is making demands to garner her support for LGBTQ civil rights.

Collins is being billed by political pundits this week as the senator who will bring Republican votes for the Equality Act to pass.

To show how Sen. Collins is flexing her muscle, her spokesperson Annie Clark, announced the senator’s proposed changes to the Equality Act Bill:

1. “Those changes included exemptions to make clear that vital programs that serve men and women separately, like domestic violence and homeless shelters, could continue to do so. Sen. Collins recommended language like that in the VAWA Reauthorization Act of 2013, signed by President Obama, allowing organizations to provide housing and support in separate facilities.

2. Sen. Collins also has concerns about some of the language pertaining to religious organizations, and thinks that faith-based community partners, like Catholic Charities, and the important services they provide should not be unfairly excluded from receiving federal funding.

3. In addition, she has been a leading advocate for girls’ and women’s sports, and also transgender rights, and she believes this complex issue needs further study.

The question is, will the Democratic leadership cave in to Collins demand and will her fellow Republicans support the Equality Act Bill as is or will they attempt to sabotage it with never-ending amendment’s that have no chance of passage to delay it?

We will continue to follow the Equality Act as it moves through the Senate and bring you new details as they become available.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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