LAS VEGAS — (03-18-21) — Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP08: Last Tango in Buenos Aires (2021) makes it debut with Latin twink gay adult film actors Mark Wolf and Felix Harris on the Helix Studios Network.  Executive Producer Keith Miller deliver a raw flip-fuck Rossi Ferdinand film that is sure to deliver impressive new memberships to the Helix Studios Network.

“In this last episode of this series, our Latino tango dancers shine. Mark teaches Felix the dance, which he performs with great grace, wearing only a very striking jockstrap. His huge, hairless ass stands out in a spectacular way.

Helix-Studios-Buenos Aires Tango Boys Part 8-Last Tango in Buenos Aires-2021-03-18-JRL-CHARTS

Helix-Studios-Buenos Aires Tango Boys Part 8-Latin-twinks-2021-03-18-JRL-CHARTS

In this dance, the young people intertwine, they kiss each other all over their bodies, with licks and sucks that show great desire and great pleasure. Mark is sucked by Felix, who then gets licked off that amazing ass. They get horny, they get turned on, they want penises in their behinds! At that moment he is penetrated by the boy, who is very hot.

They do it standing, against a high chair. Mark grabs onto the jockstrap to get a better grip on Felix, as if he were riding a horse. They kiss and, as in all good tango, it is time to change partners or, rather, roles. So Mark leans against the chair, marking that it is his turn to be penetrated.

Helix-Studios-Buenos Aires Tango Boys Part 8-Last Tango in Buenos Aires-2021-03-18-JRL-CHARTS-004

Felix understands that now it is his turn to be active and penetrates him gently while still moaning. They have rough sex until Felix ends up in Mark’s asshole and shoves his ass onto his dick, filling him with cum inside. Felix sucks Mark’s balls to make him cum and Mark does it all over his face and body. They end up giving each other a tremendous white kiss … these guys really know how to dance tango.

Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP08: Last Tango in Buenos Aires premiered on the Helix Studios Network on March 16, 2021.

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Buenos Aires Tango Boys 8-Last Tango in Buenos Aires gay porn trailer

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Directed by:
Rossi Ferdinand

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Directed by:
Rossi Ferdinand

Production companies:
ALFa Productions

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Latin America

English | Spanish

Run time:
15 Minutes

Digital Release date:
March 16, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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