BRUSSELS — (03-16-21) — The European Parliament overwhelmingly adopted a resolution last week declaring the entire 27-member European Union a “freedom zone” for LGBTIQ people, a a slap in the face against the rising homophobia taking place in Poland and elsewhere in the Union.

492 ballots in favor of the resolution and 141 against in a vote that came after a heated parliament debate in Brussels last Wednesday, ending in victory for the LGBT Community.

Watch EU Parliament’s Historic Vote Coverage

The resolution came largely in reaction to the huge spike over the past two years in Poland, where local communities had adopted largely symbolic resolutions, declaring their communities free of what conservative politicians have been calling “LGBT ideology.”

These towns say they are seeking to protect traditional family values based on unions of men and women, but LGBT rights activists fired back by designating their discriminatory resolutions as an attack on the LGBT community. The areas in question have become known as the “LGBT-free zones.”

Homophobic Polish president Andrzej Duda won re-election last summer after campaigning against the LGBT rights movement, depicting it as a threat to traditional families. At one time president Duda described the LGBT “ideology” as more dangerous than communism.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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