LAS VEGAS  — (03-11-21) — Scout Boys in association with Carnal Media drop the daddy/twink climatic bareback production of ‘The Scout Oliver: The Pledge’ (2021) .  Will Scout Oliver succeed in enticing new Scoutmaster Fantana on the Scout Boy Network?

Once again perfectionist LeGrand Wolf delivers Daddy/Twink genre fans a raw seduction fantasy worthy of multiple gay porn award nominations at next year’s celebrations.

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The Scout Oliver-The Pledge-Daddy-Twink-Bareback-Carnal-Media-JRL-CHARTS-005

In fact ever since I began monitoring the Scout Boy Network, I can honestly say that the Network lives up to the hype!

Following the release of Gay adult film stars Ian Levine and Bishop Angus in ‘The Pledge’ (2021).  The raw daddy/twink genre production guaranteed to be a top priority for promotion among gay adult affiliate bloggers.

“Oliver is excited to be in Scoutmaster Fantana’s office to take the Pledge of the Elite Scout. He’s been waiting for this moment since the day he first heard of the order and made it his goal to become worthy of selection. Standing now before the scoutmaster to deliver his oath, Oliver can’t help but smile when he sees the shiny pins that will mark this great achievement. Scoutmaster Fantana is also one of the most attractive men Oliver has ever seen. There’s an intensity in the man’s bright blue eyes, and his voice is gentle but firm. Oliver’s heart is racing as much from the ceremony as from the warmth of the man’s strong hands through his shirt as he receives his pins, and he finds himself undressing the man in his mind.

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The Scout Oliver-The Pledge-Daddy-Twink-Bareback-Carnal-Media-JRL-CHARTS-004

Scoutmaster Fantana tells Oliver to stand and deliver his oath of duty and obedience. But after, the scoutmaster says it’s time for his pledge, and Oliver is genuinely confused. Was that not the pledge? Oliver is told to remove his clothes, and he pauses briefly before complying. His heart is in his throat, but he begins to remove his shirt. As his lean torso is revealed, he looks up at Scoutmaster Fantana, half expecting the man to stop him. Is this a test? He can see the man’s eyes tracing every inch of his bare skin. An inspection?”

Watch The Scout Oliver: The Pledge (2021)

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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