LAS VEGAS — (03-04-21) — Helix Studios unleash its scorching new Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP06: Give Me More Tango (2021), starring Latin twink hotties Antu Burghos, Audrey Jones and Lance Mayer.   If you thought Buenos Aires Tango Boys Episodes one through five had you exploding all over the place, just wait until you feast your eyes on Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP06: Give Me More Tango on digital download.

Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP06- Give Me More Tango-Helix Studios-2021-03-04-JRL-CHARTS-02

Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP06- Give Me More Tango-Helix Studios-2021-03-04-JRL-CHARTS-03

Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP06- Give Me More Tango-Helix Studios-2021-03-04-JRL-CHARTS-04

“More tango, more passion. Our Latino gallants meet once more, this time we have the young Lance and Audrey dance tango while Antu looks at them and touches the bulge, which is growing. Totally immersed in the dance task, they don’t even realize that: they take off all their clothes! The summer in Buenos Aires is very hot, and the boys who dance are hot. They can’t stand it anymore and they start kissing in threes, triangulated.

Antu kneels in front of the two hard cocks of the other two and begins to suck them with great desire. Many moans and fever, with three huge cocks, hairless and wanting to fuck. Right after they go to the couch and begin to penetrate Antu through two holes, his ass and through his mouth … Uffff, the temperature continues to rise. Lance gives him his member standing up and observes the whole situation from above the couch.

Then, Antu turns on his back, in a doggy position on all fours. The hot cock in and out of the lubricated ass. Lance, at that moment, goes behind the ass and begins to hit it from behind! A tremendous little train is put together, where the one in the middle is penetrated and penetrates at the same time … unmissable. On top of that, Lance self-stimulates his nipples… After enjoying this position, Antu receives a shower of white semen with his mouth wide open, eager for the drops that fall from his two companions.

Finally, Antu throws a huge load on the couch, remembering his two tango dancing stud friends… and this continues in the next episode 7 called “Dancing Tango is So Hot!”

Antu Burghos, Audrey Jones and Lance Mayer starring in Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP06: Give Me More Tango, premiered on the Helix Studios Network on March 2nd, 2021.

Watch Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP06 NSFW Trailer

Buenos Aires Tango Boys EP06- Give Me More Tango-official-trailer-Helix Studios

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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