SEOUL, KR — (02-24-21) — GF Entertainment drops its boy group KINGDOM’ new ‘Excalibur’ M/V, in conjunction with the the kpop group’s debut mini album entitled “History of Kingdom: PartⅠ. Arthur”.

KINGDOM turns heads with its fantastical medieval concept for their first video and with social media burning up over KINGDOM members Dann (leader), Mujin, Louis, Ivan, Jahan, and Chiwoo in the ‘Excalibur’ big budget music video.

Rolling Stone called the lead single off the group’s debut EP History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅰ. Arthur “A brilliant history, action, suspense and mythology with ease, setting that sets the tone for the rookie group’s artistry.”

Kingdom-EP-History of Kingdom-PartⅠ-Arthur-GF-Entertainment

KINGOM’s ‘Excalibur’ M/V takes the seven members dressed in armour as warrior knights. The group are portraying King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table with an updated look to fit the times!

“The fantastical MV sees the members engage in battle with unknown forces while vocalist and main dancer Arthur (presumably named after the medieval King himself) seeks to fulfil his destiny by pulling the famed mythical sword ‘Excalibur’ from the ground. Once he succeeds, the group are able to defeat their foes and Arthur takes the throne while his bandmates or ‘knights’ pledge their fealty to him. The cinematic music video is also interspersed with clips of sleek choreography performed in water and a desert. With a combination of trap, hip-hop and dark synth, “Excalbur” is a confident track about fulfilling one’s destiny.” – Riddhi Chakraborty

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History of Kingdom: PartⅠ. Arthur (2021)

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Release date:
February 17, 2021

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Article by: Michael The Sizzler,  Staff Writer

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